Laramie Sportsbooks

Laramie. Just the name harkens back to a time when the west was as wild as the stallions you tamed, and the cigarettes and whiskey both went down smooth in the warm, stuffy saloons where fortunes were made at the expense of those less prepared. Well, times have changed, but you can still make a fortune gambling in and around Laramie, particularly if you educate yourself about the ins and outs of casino gaming. And once Laramie sportsbooks are launched and sports betting lounges are opened near the famous old town, it’ll be like the Gold Rush all over again.

Still, Laramie sportsbooks won’t be a thing any time soon, as before sports wagering is allowed in Wyoming, the state congress will have to pass a law (or laws) formally legalizing and officially regulating the pastime. While such legislation is certainly on the way, it will be some time – up to two years by many estimates – before the first Laramie sports betting locations open for business.

Nevertheless, if you live in Laramie and wish to wager on sports right now, you can legally do so simply by using an online sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and other top-ranked providers in the space. These books have been serving Laramie residents for over a generation, and nearly 100,000 Wyoming residents continue to use them every year. Signing up is free, the lines and odds are fresh and fair, and payouts are always guaranteed.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Laramie, WY?

Sports betting is currently not legal in Laramie, WY. At least, on land at brick-and-mortar venues, it isn’t. However, since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was overturned by the US Supreme Court in May 2018, Wyoming is now allowed to institute its own sports wagering laws any time.

While not a high priority in the state, sports betting in Wyoming is going to happen sooner or later, as WY residents already turn an estimated annual handle of at least $5 billion dollars. Properly taxed and kept in the domestic economy, this kind of money could be a huge windfall for the state, its residents, its tribes, and the various parks and services available throughout Wyoming.

Online sports betting in Laramie is legal right now, however, and has been since the practice was instituted more than 20 years ago. If you want to wager on sports in Wyoming, books like Bovada and SportsBetting (and various others) will allow you to do so conveniently, quickly, and with minimal trouble. And because the Wyoming Statutes don’t even mention sports betting or online gaming, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t breaking a single law by placing your bets over the Internet.

Best Sportsbooks In Laramie

Currently, the best sportsbooks in Laramie are the online options mentioned above (Bovada et al.). However, once proper sports betting lounges begin to pop up in the state, the best Laramie sports wagering facilities – for those who wish to have a real casino experience when placing their bets – will be in one of the state’s many Class II tribal casinos or racino venues.

Unfortunately, Laramie is in something of a “dead zone” for Wyoming gamblers, with no gambling venues within 200 or so miles in any direction. That said, folks certainly aren’t averse to long drives in Wyoming, and state residents probably won’t be inconvenienced by the prospect of a three-hour drive to get to their favorite casino hotspots.

The number-one gambling stop for Laramie locals is the Wind River Hotel and Casino located 220 miles to the northwest, and its neighboring Riverton property – the 789 Smokeshop and Casino – is another popular destination. The Horse Palace chain of racinos are also an option, though these don’t have table games and are quite limited for how far away they are from Laramie, WY.

Minimum Legal Age To Bet At Laramie Sportsbooks

The minimum legal age to bet at Laramie sportsbooks is currently just 18 years old, which is both the state-mandated age you must be to gamble in Wyoming casinos and the site-mandated age you must be to join and wager at legal online sportsbooks in Wyoming. (Wyoming could raise the minimum age to 21 once it establishes its sports betting laws, but that seems unlikely.)

Whatever you do, never gamble underage at any online sportsbook, as you will have your account closed permanently and lose any money you had stored at the site (including any owed winnings).

Wind River Sportsbook Review

Wind River Sportsbook ReviewThe Wind River Hotel and Casino, run by the Arapaho and Shoshone tribes and located at the Wind River Indian Reservation, is the preeminent Laramie gambling destination, as it’s both the largest Wyoming casino installation and the only actual casino resort in the state. While small compared to many commercial casinos, the Wind River Hotel and Casino boasts 90 luxurious rooms at extremely attractive rates, almost 1000 slot machines and table games, and even horse racing betting for its hundreds of thousands of annual customers.

When visiting the Wind River Casino, always keep in mind that Yellowstone National Park – one of the world’s most prized pieces of natural beauty – is just a few hours away, making the Wind River Hotel an effective basecamp for those looking to parlay their betting trip into a proper natural vacation. And while you should never miss an opportunity to visit Old Faithful or bask beneath the peaks of the Grand Tetons, Riverton has its fair share of local museums, trails, and restaurants, too.

789 Casino Sportsbook Review

789 Casino Sportsbook ReviewThe 789 Smokeshop and Casino isn’t really a full-fledged gambling destination, intended more as a sort of “locals’ favorite” betting shop in the shadow of the resort-style Wind River Hotel and Casino right down the street. The 789 Casino is a small venue, and while it attracts plenty of Riverton clientele, it’s perfect for those from Laramie making the sojourn north into the majestic Tetons.

Imagine, if you will, a truck stop with all the amenities truckers and travelers expect. Now add in bingo, slots, a huge tobacco store, and an excellent restaurant (the 789 Grill, in this case), and you should have an idea of what the 789 Smokeshop and Casino has to offer. Once the 789 Casino sportsbook opens for business, of course, don’t be surprised to see the venue build itself out a bit more to meet the demands of the sure-to-be substantial spike in playing customers. After all, Wyoming’s first legal casino should be the first place in the state to offer legal sports betting, right?