Cheyenne Sportsbooks

Located in the southeast corner of Wyoming, Cheyenne is the most populous city in the state, with some 62,000 or so residents calling the Crow Creek/Dry Creek basin home. This capital city is also known as Trail Town USA, due to its Greater Cheyenne Greenway system, which is a bridge between the city’s many parks and recreational attractions. In much the same way, online Cheyenne sportsbooks use the Information Superhighway to connect local sports bettors to all the best betting shops on the planet.

Right now, there are no sportsbooks in operation in Cheyenne itself, however, as land-based sports betting – while not illegal in the state – has also not been assigned any regulatory oversight as yet, meaning that no gambling operator will offer the service until they receive explicit permission to do so. Fortunately, as this procedure may take a few years to play out (with the first WY sportsbooks launching in 2020 or so, per most sports wagering insiders), you have other options available when it comes to finding and using an appropriate Cheyenne sportsbook: the Internet.

By signing up at one or more legal online sportsbooks that operate overseas, Cheyenne residents can wager on everything under the sporting sun, from local NCAA events to major national sports leagues to international athletic extravaganzas. From baseball, basketball, football, and hockey to soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, jai alai, lacrosse, tennis, and even parlor games like poker, bowling, and darts. If you can bet on it, legal Cheyenne online sportsbooks will have action on it, all at your fingertips.

The best sportsbooks serving Cheyenne customers are – hands down – the old industry standards like Bovada, SportsBetting, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetDSI, and BookMaker. These trusted brands have been accepting Cheyenne and Wyoming customers for over a combined 100 years, and they’re free to join, offer outstanding updated lines, and have prompt, guaranteed payouts.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Cheyenne, WY?

Land-based sports betting is not currently legal in Cheyenne, WY. It isn’t explicitly illegal, either, and no WY law actually punishes bettors anyways, as the trend re gambling laws throughout the US seems to be that those offering sportsbooks and casino services without a license are the sole parties violating state and federal anti-gambling regulations.

Naturally, this is enough of a legal hurdle to keep black market, unlicensed bookmakers from offering readily-available sports wagering to the majority of Cheyenne residents. Yes, you can find underground bookies in Cheyenne. No, using them is not recommended.

However, because the Wyoming Statutes say nothing about “sports betting” or “sports wagering” and make no mention of the words “online” or “Internet,” betting on sports at a book like Bovada, SportsBetting, and other fine gambling operators over the Internet is completely and unambiguously legal. And, for the next few years at the very least, these sites will be your only legitimate, guaranteed platforms for wagering on your favorite teams, players, and sports.

Best Sportsbooks In Cheyenne, Wyoming

The best sportsbooks in Cheyenne, Wyoming, are the aforementioned handful of top-tier Internet betting sites – and not just because they’re currently the only betting sites available to WY residents. These books are truly world-class, with all the best lines and comprehensive odds that even the most seasoned globe-trotting sports bettor expects.

Of course, once the Wyoming legislature decides to capitalize on the overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992), there will be a huge financial windfall for the state upon the opening of proper brick-and-mortar sports wagering lounges. Cheyenne, with so many gamblers concentrated in the region, will be especially positively affected, as the pastime is sure to become the most popular gaming amusement in the city’s history.

The first venues in and near Cheyenne to offer legal WY sports betting will likely be the Cheyenne Horse Palace racino and places like the Wind River Hotel and Casino in Riverton on the Arapaho reservation. (Due to Cheyenne’s extreme southeasterly location, most of the state’s casinos and racinos are over 250 miles north/west of the big city, making them unlikely destinations for most Cheyenne gambling aficionados.)

Minimum Legal Age To Bet At Cheyenne Sportsbooks

The minimum legal age to bet at Cheyenne sportsbooks is 18 years old, because this is what the online sportsbooks serving the area require their members to be in order to sign up and wager. However, be warned: If you attempt to gamble underage at a book like Bovada or SportsBetting (or any of the others mentioned here), you will have your funds confiscated (including both your deposits and your winnings) and your account permanently banned.

Once legal sportsbooks in Wyoming open inside the state itself, the wagering age may be boosted to 21, as this has been the trend in other states. However, because the current gambling laws in WY allow those 18 and older to enter casinos and play slots and other electronic games, the state may stick with this age limit going forward.

Cheyenne Horse Palace Sportsbook Review

Cheyenne Horse Palace Sportsbook ReviewThe Cheyenne Horse Palace – which is a racino venue in Cheyenne proper – will likely be the sole sports wagering destination inside the big city, at least when the new gambling initiative gets underway in the next couple of years. At that point, the Cheyenne Horse Palace sportsbook will likely have a nice head-start on the competition, particularly given the fact that the Horse Palace is a chain, and there six total locations spread throughout the state. Because these would all share a sportsbook service under the Horse Palace banner, they will have the resources necessary to put together a world-class sportsbook quickly and efficiently.

The Cheyenne Horse Palace itself is an interesting place. It doesn’t have its own racetrack, instead focusing on live Wyoming Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse races through its pari-mutuel simulcast service, which is available alongside various electronic slot machines and table games, both of which feature progressive payout chances for avid gamblers.

Aside from betting at the Cheyenne Horse Palace, you should be sure to check out the many activities available in Cheyenne itself. As the state’s largest city, there’s always plenty to do, and visitors will enjoy the Wyoming State Museum’s many Native American displays, the wide open natural vistas of the Curt Gowdy State Park, and the American expansionist history that fills the halls of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum. And for eats, there are a number of local mainstays, the most famous of which is Poor Richard’s Restaurant. The beef there is great, but you’re in Wyoming, so make sure to try the bison.

Wind River Sportsbook Review

Wind River Sportsbook ReviewThe Wind River Hotel and Casino is Wyoming’s only true resort casino destination, and though it’s a 270-mile haul across the open plains from Cheyenne into the heart of WY, it’s worth the trip if you’re looking for a destination casino where there’s more to do than just playing the slots or enjoying the forthcoming Wind River sportsbook.

Located on the notorious Wind River Indian Reservation shared by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho, one of the only things these two tribes agree on is the importance of local gambling to their sovereign economies. This is why, despite the inter-tribal tensions in the region, it remains perfectly safe for visitors to stay in and game at their local establishments. Of these, of course, the Wind River Hotel and Casino is the flagship destination and the largest casino in Wyoming. There are 90 rooms on the premises, each offering excellent rates and luxurious accommodations, the gaming floor has nearly 1000 slot machines and table games to choose from.

Located in Riverton, WY, the Wind River Hotel and Casino offers more than just gaming, too. Riverton itself has lots to offer visitors and those just passing through, like the Wind River Heritage Museum, the unforgettable Castle Gardens petroglyphs, and the Wyoming Heritage Trail, which offers plenty of hiking, biking, and sightseeing. If all you’re interested in is the upcoming Wind River sportsbook, this venue is a long drive away for most Cheyenne residents. But if you’d like to make a true vacation out of your sports betting, this is definitely the place to go.